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Scan to Order uses QR code technology to put ordering and payment literally into customers’ hands. It used to be that users would need a dedicated app to scan a QR code, making the codes confusing or impossible for less tech-savvy customers to access. But today, nearly every phone has QR scanning tools built directly into its camera. When a customer points their camera at a QR code, a link to a website automatically pops right up. The only requirement is that iPhone users have iOS 11 or higher; Android users need Android 8 or higher.

The contactless payment symbol on POS terminals indicates that the merchant accepts contactless payments. Here’s how to make contactless payments using either a card, smartphone, or another mobile device.

  1. Contactless payments using a card (Tap-to-pay)

Credit or debit cards enabled for contactless payment display the contactless payment symbol on the face of the card.

  1. Contactless payments using a mobile device:

To enable contactless payments on their smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, or other mobile devices, consumers first have to link their credit cards to a payment app, also called a “mobile wallet”.

Clover accepts all types of payments, including; Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, Samsung Pay®

Clover ® Rapid Deposit is a service that provides faster access to the funds generated by sales transactions. This enables you to avoid the lag time of the traditional settlement funding process. A 1% fee applies.

Clover® Mini is a full-featured POS in a pint-sized package. It’s cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports from any internet accessible device. Clover® Mini is much more than just a credit card reader.

The Clover Flex comes with a mobile data connection (for an additional monthly cost), but you can also set the Flex up to work with WiFi or an Ethernet connection. You can complete the setup process using any of these three connections.

The light, compact, and mobile Clover Flex All-in-One Credit Card Reader and Printer allows you to accept credit cards and print customer receipts from one device. Customers can also view sale details, enter tips, and select receipt options right on the customer facing screen.